Beverage Quantity Charts & Tips

Getting the drinks right for your party can be tricky. The last thing you want is to run out or be unable to serve the type of drinks your guests like as the party progresses. Here are some tips to help you get it right!

Tips for calculating beverages

Here are some tips to help with drink calculations. You will, of course, have to adjust these calculations: if your guests are big drinkers, your calculations will need to go up; if your party takes place during daylight hours or if your guests are elderly or teetotallers, you can reduce these figures.

• Guests drink an average of two drinks the first hour and one drink each hour after.
• A 700ml bottle of alcohol yields approximately 23 single-shot mixed drinks
• Allow one half bottle of champagne per bubbly-guzzling guest and one bottle of wine per 2-3 guests, remembering that white wine tends to be more popular than red.
• Factor in 3-4 beers per male (or beer-drinking female) guest.
• One 750ml bottle of champagne fills six regular champagne glasses. If you plan to have a champagne toast, you will need to purchase additional bottles. You only need to pour about a third of a glass for a toast, so plan on one bottle of bubbly for every 10 guests.
• Garnishes are relatively cheap, so it’s always smart to buy extras. Plan on one quarter of a lemon and one quarter of a lime per guest. This means that if you have 24 guests, you’ll need at least 6 lemons and 6 limes.
• Plan on one 5kg bag of ice per 8 guests. This will provide enough ice for drinks as well as any ice baths for wine or beer.

Number of drinks in standard-size bottles

Here are some tables to help you calculate how many drinks you can make from standard-size bottles:

Number of 30ml shots in bottles of spirits/liquor

Bottles Of Spirits/Liquor1246810

Number of 120ml glasses of champagne per bottle

Bottles Of Champagne1246810
Methuselah (6L)50100200300400500

Number of 150ml glasses of wine per bottle

Bottles Of Wine1246810
Double Magnum (3L)204080120160200

Beverage quantity charts to make calculations a piece of cake

Here are guidelines on quantities of beverages to buy for a full bar setup and a basic bar set up for your party. You can adjust them according to the type of bar setup you choose and the drinks you wish to serve. If you remove a bottle of spirits on the full bar set up, replace it with extra bottles of wine to ensure you still have enough drinks for all of your guests. If you have more males at your party with a basic bar set up, increase the beers and decrease your wines and vice versa. It’s always good to throw in a couple more of your favourite bottles in case the party goes late, unexpected guests arrive, or one drink is more popular than the rest.

Full bar setup quantity guidelines

Number of Guests10-2525-3535-6060-100
Bottles of white wine77811
Bottles of red wine2356
Bottles of champagne4566
Bottles of vermouth dry1122
Bottles of vermouth red1111
Bottles of vodka3334
Bottles of rum2222
Bottles of gin1223
Bottles of scotch1223
Bottles of whiskey2234
Bottles of bourbon1111
Bottles of tequila2223
Bottles of brandy/cognac1223
Bottles of aperitif1122
Bottles of lime cordial1122
Beer (bottles/cans)507580100
Soda water (1 litre)3345
Ginger ale (1 litre)2223
Cola (1 litre)3334
Diet cola (1 litre)3334
Lemon/lime soda (1 litre)2334
Tonic water (1 litre)2233
Grapefruit juice (1 litre)2233
Orange juice (1 litre)2233
Cranberry juice (1 litre)2233
Angostura bitters1111

Basic Bar set up quantity guidelines

Number of guests101025255050100100
Party duration2 hours4 hours2 hours4 hours2 hours4 hours2 hours4 hours
Champagne (750ml bottle)23468131525
Red wine (750ml bottle)112335610
White wine (750ml bottle)22356101220
Beer (330ml bottle)1220305060100120200
Soft Drink/Juice ( 1 litre12356
Water (1 litre)3581315253015
Ice (5kg Bag)5133661313

If your planning a basic bar setup and would like to work out the quantities to buy for specific amounts of guests and different lengths of parties let us do it for you! Head to our handy drinks calculator:

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