Halloween Party To-Do List – 7 things to consider when hosting the perfect day of horror.

The spookiest night of the year is fast approaching. If your planning to celebrate this year you will want to have everything ready well in advance so that your not stressing out over any last minute details. After all, wouldn’t you rather be spending time adding the final touches to your freaky costume instead? Below are 7 things to consider when hosting the perfect day of horror.

Guest List & Invitations – Ensure that you include an RSVP date on your invitations. That will ensure you know how many people are coming and then you can plan accordingly. Costumes and Halloween come hand in hand, but remember to enforce that dress-up is compulsory. It can be embarrassing for both the guest and the host if someone turns up without costume.


Themed Food – Play around with your food on Halloween. Guests will love to see little pumpkin pies (pictured above) and spider web pizzas. If you don’t want to get that creative consider replacing dipping bowls with little black cauldrons, or serving sweet potato fries & ‘blood’ sauce inside black paper cones.

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Themed Beverages – Keep it simple by making a cauldron of ‘spiked’ punch and adding lychees stuffed with blueberries (eyeballs). You can add some dry ice for a fog effect that spills over the bowl. Design some ‘blood red’ cocktails using your liquor of choice, frozen raspberries & red food colouring.


Decorations – The spookier the better. Bats and spiders, ghosts and ghoulish faces. Keep the lights low or scatter burning candles, jack-o’-lantern’s or candle filled jars wrapped in orange crepe paper with creepy black faces drawn on them around the party areas. Consider a beautiful pumpkin setting like the one featured below or these ghosts made of a polystyrene balls draped with shredded muslin. Have plastic bats lining the walls and add baby spiders to your floral arrangements. Set the decorations the night before so that your not rushing around on the day setting up.





Music – Be sure to add some themed tracks to your Halloween playlist like Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ or the Ghost Busters theme song. A quick google search and you will even find whole playlists with dark scary music ready for you to play.


Costume Accessories – Have some extra accessories just in case someone does come without costume. It will also give your guests the opportunity to change their ‘look’ throughout the evening. Things like masks, fangs, wigs, capes and fake blood are great options.


Camera – A must have at all costume parties. Make sure that you charge your camera the night before and clear all of the memory. Consider delegating a friend to take pictures so that you can be free to tend to your guests.


Whether you are going all out this year or just inviting a few friends over, considering these 7 things and adding a little touch of each will make all the difference to your nightmarish soiree. Happy Halloween!